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Do What You Love & Love What You Do

With An Invigorating Refreshing Sip of "A Taste of Love."

Teri Lynn Smith

Love in Black with Tory and Teri

Congratulations! We opened & finished the wine that same night! Mix it w/ ‘Simply Peach’ as a Mimosa. 🍹🥰🎉

It was the perfect unwind, relaxer to end the day! #refreshingdrink

Katrina Raven

Razored Looks Hair Studio

I was given this wine as a gift but BABYYYYYYYY this wine is the TRUTH! I poured one glass for relaxation but I’m on my 3rd glass and feeling a lil warm and tingly lol
This is a WINNER!!!

Deniece Edwards-Scott

The Not So Christian In Me Show

With A Taste of Love you give off Love. The smooth taste mixed with sweet flavors will have you so relaxed and tingly. A burst of sweet loving is bound to happen in every sip. Trust me and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Yvette Lemon

Influencer/Phillips 66

Upon the first sip of your wine, I was blown away by the taste! Moscato is my favorite wine and this is by far my new number one choice. Thank you Dr. Love for creating “love” in a bottle. I highly recommend it to all of my friends and family, and fellow wine enthusiasts. Congrats Dr. Love!


Kiland Entertainment

I really enjoy the look on peoples face when they taste this bottle of wine for the first time. It has a lasting effect that is way beyond what you expect when you first try it. Dr. Love has a home run with this product.

Tanya Smith

Coldwell Banker Realty

So I received this bottle of wine at Dr. Ledets birthday party which was also a singles mixer back in March. I didn’t find a love connection there but love found me just a week later. I got the chance to share this wine with my love over a night of laughter and conversation. We found the wine to be sweet and sensual. Very smooth but still with a tinge of love. The flavor was so good that we finished the entire bottle that night! We managed to squeeze in this photo beforehand. I endorse this wine for new, old, unique, seasoned, and all stages of love 💕 ENJOY and drink up!

Dr Barbara Jackson Marshall

This is the best wine
It's smooth not bitter
It's sexual healing
Lots of love in the air
I just loved it

Neil Harris


Very Smooth and Great tasting wine!!

Kristen Fenrick

Klearly Kristen, Inc.

Congratulations Dr. Ledet on the launch of your new wine “A taste of love.” This wine is delicious with the perfect amount of sweetness and bold flavors. Don’t miss out! Order your bottle today.

Char Neal

CharSpa of Houston

Dr Ledet aka The Love Doc has outdone herself...this wine is an Experience. I love it's smooth taste. It relaxes me. I only take 3oz and I sleep soundly. It truly is a Taste of Love.... Unique & Splendid💘

Dr Ivan Ledet

No Limit Investments

The wine is sooo good. I dranked it all with my dinner and did not share with anyone. Great Job Dr. B! The Love Doctor! Congratulations❤️💕

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