For a limited time get this great package for any reader. The package comes with the Amazon bestseller Prayers for the Boss Babes, the Self-love Journal, and a lovely candle. 


Prayers for the Boss Babes

A power packed, heart tugging devotional written by BOSS BABES, for BOSS BABES.

Come along on our journey! Join some of today’s most prominent female, Christian entrepreneurs as they divulge their secrets on how to create, build, and overcome in business and their personal lives through prayer. 


Deepen your intimacy and strengthen your prayer life while being motivated to MOVE in life and in business endeavors!


This package also comes with The Self-Love Journal. Your guide to rediscovering love, reconnecting with yourself, and living your best life yet. Sometimes we just aren't ready. To talk. To listen. To share. And you don't have to. It's okay to be with yourself and with your thoughts. This is more than a journal, it's an experience. Filled with impactful anecdotes, daily love challenges, moments for reflection and daily check-ins, and much, much more. 

Prayers for the Boss Babe & The Self Love Journal & Candle