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We are so honored and excited to share "Love in a Box" with you! Now you can give or receive love with people you are connected with all over the country. 

Love in a Box is a one of a kind and filled with love. When we experience traumatic moments in life that have the potential to change everything around and within us, sometimes it's hard to navigate. The loss of a loved one, the ending of a union, or an abrupt change to our livelihood can send us spiraling into a lonely dark space. Many times we aren't ready to share our feelings with those close to us, or seek professional help, because we are still processing all of it. And that's okay. 


Love in a Box, is your safe space to work through your feelings until you are ready to talk. It's a way for for friends and family to love on you in a way that's impactful, intentional and non-intrusive. Flowers wilt and die, cards fade away, but the tools in this box are here for you, forever. 


Discover a new side to yourself. Rewrite your own love story and remember, "Somebody Loves You Baby!" 

"Somebody Loves You Baby!"




The Heart Healer

Jai Pierre Raven,

O' Magazine Insider, Self-Love Advocate,

Founder and Curator at The Woman's Earth

Benita is a one of a kind heart that's made it her mission to be an anchor for her sisters in their times of need and in celebration. Through Love in a Box, others can be anchors for their loved ones in a way that is healing, special, and memorable.

Dr. Saleha B. Khumawala

Visionary and Founding Director,

University of Houston S.U.R.E Program

"Everybody needs and deserves to be loved. People are experiencing trauma everyday and Love in A Box is a great way to show them they aren't alone.

Miri Leverette

Happiness Curator

Founder of Session Boutique

This is absolutely what's needed in the world today! It's the perfect way to show love and support for our loved ones we can't physically be there for."

Benita Ledet is THE UNIQUE HEART. She has been mentoring and encouraging women for over 25 years. She has tireless championed the importance of self-love and how it helps us all achieve more and live higher. Through her life’s experiences she’s learned that self-love is needed not only for women, but for everyone. Since then she has encouraged people from all cultures, ages, professions, and beliefs to activate the greatness inside of them by taking a moment to love on themselves.


Known as the “Heart Healer,” Benita believes everyone deserves to be loved and that love brings about healing through any situation. As the creator of A Unique Heart, Benita is on a quest to show the community how to return to love despite any experience.

Take Your 30-Day Journey Back to Love

Designed with you in mind, The Self-Love Journal, is your guide to rediscovering love, reconnecting with yourself and living your best life yet.

Sometimes we just aren't ready. To talk. To listen. To share. And you don't have to. It's okay to be with yourself and with your thoughts.


This is more than a journal, it's an experience. Filled with impactful anecdotes, daily love challenges, moments for reflection and daily check-ins, and much, much more. This is your safe space to unpack your thought, move through your feelings, and get to know yourself deeper. Walk with us as we journey through self-love, self-worth, and self-actualization.

*The Self-Love Journal is included in each Love in a Box order.

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